Say Goodbye to Bedbugs

Say Goodbye to Bedbugs

We offer pest control services in Huntsville and New Market, AL

Did you know it only takes one female bedbug to infest an entire home? Morton’s Pest Control is here to identify your bedbug problem as soon as you notice the first sign of an infestation. We have experienced exterminators that will create a treatment plan based on the layout of your home or office. We have more than 25 years of experience of pest control and can make sure you get the correct treatment.

Is it time to kick out your unwanted house guests? Call 256-656-9218 today to learn more about bedbug treatments in the New Market or Huntsville, AL area.

5 signs you have bedbugs on your property

Bedbugs are not only an uncomfortable nuisance, they’re also difficult to treat. There are numerous signs indicating that you have a bedbug problem on your property, including:

1. Seeing adult bedbugs in plain sight
2. Noticing small black or brown stains on your bed
3. Smelling a strong, musty odor
4. Seeing red, itchy bites on your skin
5. Finding skins from shedding juvenile bedbugs

Make sure your bedbug problem is gone for good by contacting Morton’s Pest Control today. You’ll have a bug-free home or office in no time!