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Are mice camping out in your home? Are roaches, ants or spiders taking over your office building? No one likes uninvited guests – especially the creepy-crawly kind. If you want to rid your home or commercial facility of insects and rodents for good, call Morton's Pest Control, Inc for fast and affordable pest and rodent control services. We’ll have your residential or commercial property in the New Market, Alabama area pest-free in no time.

Don’t let your pest problem bug you

We understand how uncomfortable it can be to live with frightening pests. Our team of licensed, insured and bonded exterminators is here to help you through the process. We’ll inspect your home or commercial building, treat infested areas with environmentally friendly pest control products and make sure your place is free of ants, spiders, cockroaches, moles and mice.

3 reasons to hire the experienced exterminators at Morton's Pest Control

At Morton's Pest Control, our goal is to keep homes and commercial buildings safe from troublesome pests and rodents year-round. That’s why we offer fast and effective pest and rodent control services. Below are a few reasons why we’re the preferred choice for residential and commercial clients in the New Market & Huntsville, AL area:

  1. We have over 25 years of experience in the pest control business.
  2. We provide one-time, monthly, quarterly and yearly pest control services.
  3. New pest control customers receive a 50% discount on their first treatment.

Call 256-656-9218 to schedule residential or commercial pest control services with Morton’s Pest Control of New Market, AL. We’ll gladly give you a free estimate.

Pest of the Month: Spiders

Pest of the Month: Spiders

Did you know?

  • You are more likely to be killed by a Champagne cork than by a poisonous spider
  • The largest spider in the world is a species of tarantula found in South America, where one specimen had a leg span of over 11 inches
  • Spiders are arachnids, not insects.

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